Electrical power distribution systems

Sales of complex electrical industrial equipment

About us

We offer a comprehensive service of sales process - from developing project to implementation and post sales service.

Our specifics:

  • Complex technical solutions
  • Energetics, electrotechnics and industrial electronics
  • В2В segment

Operation area:

  • Baltic States
  • Eastern Europe states
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Main service packages

Sales representative
In B2B sales segment: analyze of demand and competition features, prospects exploration, deals closing, transactions support, payment control.
Lead generation
Search for unique customers for specific products. Creation and promotion of landings. Compose segmented databases. E-mail marketing.
Seminars, conferences and presentations preparation. Organization of confidential meetings.
Current projects
Sales in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania.
Local stock in Estonia.
Sales in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania.
Local stock in Estonia.
Sales and marketing support in Estonia.

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